Vehicles Rentals


We also make arrangements for luxury, deluxe cheap and budget vehicle rental services in Nepal for our valued guests and clients. We can make arrangement for a wide variety of vehicle rental services including Car, Jeep , Van, Coaster, Bus, 4 WD and minibuses.
We also manage tickets for Various Tourist coaches operating in various sectors of Nepal.

The following are the types and capacities of vehicles which we offer:

Type of Vehicles Capacity
Car Maximum of 4 people
Van Maximum of 6 people
Haice Maximum of 10 people
Mini Bus Maximum of 25 people
Coaster Maximum of 18 people
Delux Bus Maximum of 40 people
Shuttle Bus Maximum of 35 people
Land Cruiser Maximum of 4 people
Deluxe Land Cruiser

Maximum of 4 people

Whether you are traveling for a family vacation or a corporate business trip, we will help you reserve a car that matches your needs and offers you the best possible rates